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About Us

In January 2015, Precision Alchemy set out to meet the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program's need for safe, clean cannabis oil. We knew that the best way to get our oil into the hands of the consumers was to partner with Oregon's up-and-coming edible, topical, and vaporizer brands. Since then, we have honed our craft and are proud to be one of Oregon's only providers of custom-tailored cannabis oil.

Our Mission​

We provide processors with cannabis oil that we tailor specifically for their products, giving them a distinct advantage over their indiscriminate competitors. We ease the pain-points of our clients and provide reliable service upon which they can build their brands. By modifying our process for each client, we can meet their needs most efficiently and economically.

Our Vision

To earn the trust of world-class cannabis product manufacturers by supplying their most essential ingredients.

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