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Our Products


RCO- Raw Cannabis Oil best represents the oil as it exists in the flowering cannabis plant. It is highly concentrated in THC-a and contains a "full-spectrum" of cannabinoids. 


ACO- We refer to any cannabis oil that undergoes decarboxylation as Activated Cannabis Oil. To decarboxylate the oil, we introduce heat to release the carboxylic acid in the form of CO2 and water vapor. This process "activates" the psychoactive properties of the cannabinoids.


Distillate. If further refinement is needed, we can isolate the target compounds via molecular distillation. This process separates the compounds based on their boiling point. We refer to these oil products as distillate.  Most distillate is light, translucent, and honey-colored, making it a popular choice for vaporizers.


THC-a and CBD isolate-  THC-a and CBD can be refined via crystallization. CBD or THC-a rich product is dissolved into USP grade solvent and chilled. This reduces the solubility of the target cannabinoid, resulting in precipitation of the desired compound in its pure form. 


Options. We work with each client individually to select the extraction solvents and optional refinement steps that are ideal for their products. Extraction solvent options include hydrocarbons (propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane) and alcohols (ethanol, isopropanol). Optional refinement steps include terpene isolation, adsorbent scrubbing, and winterization.

Our Services include:


  • cannabis flower extraction w/ various solvents

  • terpene isolation

  • refinement processes including winterization, degumming, color-remediation, and adsorbent scrubbing

  • cannabinoid distillation

  • crystallization

  • pesticide and contaminant remediation

  • vape formulation

  • packaging & labeling

  • on-site consultation

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